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Fast and Powerful SQL Search Engine

Search and explore from a single table up to every database on the SQL server.

Search through small or large, simple or complex tables and views.

Search SQL database data real-time without writing a single query.

Search SQL server and don't worry about the underlying database structures.

Works with all types of data, including numbers, dates, text, and more.

Search SQL Server international data (unicode) and other special characters.

Gracefully handles language and cultural settings, sorting, accents and case sensitivity.

More SQL database search Features

Schedule your SQL database search, and control how long it should run.

Search runs in the background so you can go do something else, or stop it mid-way and move on.

Runs multiple SQL database search tasks in parallel, delivering faster results.

Archive your SQL search results for later or share it with your team.

Save SQL search results to text/xml/excel files, even to another database.

After searching, you can generate scripts to replace or delete the data.

Search database data within your secured network or databases located on the Internet.

SQL server search engine supporting tools

Use the Database Browser tool to quickly check out what's in the database.

Spell-check, add synonyms or antonyms to your SQL database search.

Need ideas on what to look for? The Search Suggestions tool can provide search ideas.

Use the Permissions Viewer to see what you have access to in the SQL server database.

Check for common word endings and noise words that may affect your SQL search results.

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